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Can you still call it camping if you’re getting 3G?

My friend Aaron, an endearing traveler whom I met traveling of course, posted this to facebook: “Hello from Khao Yai, one of Thailand’s national parks. Can you still call it camping if you’re getting 3G? …” The first comment came quickly from a female friend of his: “Yes, 3G is roughing it.” I don’t know her, but I love her! (This is published here with Aaron’s permission.)


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Recording Computer Talk Radio at crazy hours as I travel

It is 4:19 a.m. on this now-Wednesday pre-dawn day. I just finished recording my weekly Computer Talk Radio segment because the engineer is in the US, 9 hours behind my time (here in Israel). Tuesday evening was always my time slot to record and it’s Tuesday evening in California now. The topic this week was my long-time method of doing taxes. I am a huge Excel-tracking + [not online] TurboTax fan and recommend [your computer-based] TurboTax for everyone — even if you hire someone to do your taxes. If you’re into “what-if” scenarios and are thinking about starting your own business or making some income changes, TurboTax is a great tool to see how those changes may play out. Anyway, the show is recorded. Our listeners will learn, and me… Now I can go to bed and sleep 7 hours straight rather than try to sleep at midnight but not get […]

Index of my Yucatan, Mexico travels

Click this heading to see the list of all posts from my arrival Mexico until my departure. Then click any post listed to jump to that post and after use the Post Navigation at the bottom of each post to move through my trip. <div class=”clearB”></div> Tip: If you right/control click to open any of these posts in a new tab or window you’ll still have this list to return to when you close that tab/window. [catlist id=94 orderby=date  order=asc numberposts=-1 date=yes] I’d appreciate your comments on how you like or dislike this listing instead of seeing summaries of my latest posts for this topic.

Places to start following Deb’s Travels

If you’ve been following my travels, welcome back. If you’re new here and would like to follow all or any part of Deb’s Travels from the start, this page of links will help. For example, you can start reading from the start of my time in Guatemala, or any other country. =======>>>> Start reading from the start of 2011. Start reading from the start of Mexico. Start reading from the start of Belize. Start reading from the start of Guatemala. Start reading from the start of Honduras. Start reading from the start of El Salvador. Start reading from the start of Costa Rica. Start reading from the start of Panama. Start reading from my US 1 year break from international.

Shirt folding in under 2 seconds — video by DaveHax

I can’t take credit for this but  I love being able to share any good travel packing tips. It’s pretty amazing. (I also like the shirt packing board that comes in the Travelling Light Shirt Folder by Sea To Summit — a handy packing item/tool for men who travel.) How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds — a video by DaveHax

Vonage mobile app saves the day for travel & work

I just gave a good shoutout to Vonage for the Vonage Mobile app on Twitter … @Vonage Fab! #VonageMobileApp just maintained a 66 minute call to terrific #JustHost from mountains of N Israel to US as a storm headed in. and I’m doing the same here. — Deborah Shadovitz (@DebShadovitz) February 10, 2015 …and I’m doing the same here. Vonage Mobile app maintained a 66 minute call – during a storm! For months I have slowly been redesigning this website and was finally ready to take it live. Just as I wanted to talk to one of the great support guys at my blog’s host, JustHost, the impending storm headed into these Northern Israel mountains right on schedule. The Wi-Fi is always shaky where I am working under a hard working heater — and with a storm coming in, there was a good chance I’d lose the signal — thus losing my support call. The signal did […]

Countries I have visited

Every so often someone asks me how many countries I have been to. I usually reply that it’s easier to name the places I have not been. So maps that let you list your visited countries or places come in handy.