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Adventures of recording my radio show on the road

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Every week, for several years, I have recorded my segments for Computer Talk Radio, a syndicated program played on the air in the United States.  Back in my Normal Apartment Days, I’d put a Recording sign on my apartment door, step into my office, and record. Only once did a friend — the amazing Andrew Coleman — walk in and make us laugh. But ever since I went Base-less,  I’ve never quite known exactly when or where each week’s recording would take place — or what challenges the location would bring.  __________________________________________ Wanna skip the words? Just have a listen: __________________________________________ Months in NYC, 52 weeks in Central America, a year of house-sitting all over Los Angeles, and now weeks in Austin…  I’ve huddled in closets. I’ve walked dirt road of Roatan to get to a cellular signal. I’ve recorded from a sales desk in an appliance store […]