Daily Archives: April 27, 2014

BEST Apple laptop protection for travel

As I set out to travel again, now with a brand new MacBook Air after my first one was stolen, I sought out and finally found the best case for myself and other travelers to use on our Macintosh computers — but, surprise, the protection solution is not actually a case. It’s a simple combo. If your  laptop is not a Mac, part of this will be helpful and perhaps you’ll be able to adapt some of this for another laptop computer, but I have not found a snap-on shell for other brands. From what I understand, the models change too often for manufacturers to create the shells. I always want to be able to pull my Mac (or netbook/laptop) out of my satchel or handbag, pop it open, work, slap it closed, slide it back into the bag, and run. This is why I bought a tiny laptop. However, that laptop […]