Daily Archives: December 1, 2012

Travel packing tip for everyone!

Deb’s Travel Tip: Do something to customize your luggage, suitcase, or backpack and your day bag or day pack in a major way. Backpackers, especially: Get yourself to a fabric store and cut the fabric and sew unique patches onto your pack on all sides. Buy flags of favorite countries and sew them on. Less effective, but maybe helpful would be to get handing dongles and put them on your pull tabs. This can work for soft luggage as well. Hard luggage users: Get some stickers and put them on all sides of your luggage so something is visible from all views. Just make your luggage or bags or backpacks unique!

Updated my Twitter profile

Until today I forgot that it can be fun to change the photos that represent me various places. My photo of my giant backpack (which I should post here if I can find it) was fun but today I decided that my Twitter profile should more reflect the reality of my life these days. Here it is: