Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

Elaborate theft scam on a bus

Here’s a theft that every backpacker or bus-taking traveler should know about. This robbery took place on a bus in South America. However, the location is moot; this theft could easily happen anywhere. The items stolen could have been anything as well. As my friend describes: A gang of three or four persons were involved. It happend on the bus at night and they worked as a team to distract me. They even played acting roles, fake bus employees, passangers. They had the routine down. It was a switch-a-rooo trick. They switched his daypack for a stand-in pack. I post this because the more scams for theft that every backpacker knows about, the less chances such a theft, such a con, such a robbery, will happen to you. If you read about this robbery, con, theft, scam here, please tell your traveling friends. Get the word out that this kind […]