Daily Archives: October 28, 2012

Turning off iPad so often was a bad idea – no backup

Oops, my iPad hasn’t been backed up since October 7th. Since then, I have been turning it off when not in use, and every night, due to lack of electrical outlets — and that means it doesn’t back up automatically. I have 1.8GBs of audio files for my radio show that are not on iCloud, which means that in event of a system failure (I refuse to put the t word out there), they would not be restored to my Recorder Plus recording app. (I did back them up manually to my own person professional cloud backup as soon as possible though.) But more than that extra iCloud restoration convenience, my contacts and calendar events are not being saved and exchanged with my online info or iPhone. In fact, that lack of ultra-convenient exchange is what Maude’s me realize my lack of backup long before iCloud alerted me. You KNOW […]

Two days without rain

As I have traveled south from Honduras to Costa Rica, I have hit rainy season over and over. I am not sure if I had any 100% rain-free days since mid-May. (Until yesterday.) I was in Guatemala, in the rains, when I told my friend I would arrive in his country in days. Loving Guatemala (specifically my friend Terre and her family), but tired of the rain, I asked how the weather was in San Salvador. The answer — sunny and dry. The day before I arrived it rained there for the first time that season. Then, just as my bus pulled into the bus stop to let us off in San Salvador, the rain came pouring down. We all had to make mad dashes to get our luggage from under the bus and into the small doorway with minimal damages. (Wet boxes, luggage and backpacks are not fun.) I […]