Daily Archives: October 11, 2012

For phone charging

I saw this in a bookstore in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is made by a New York company. I love it for all the travelers who now balance their phones on their wall chargers in hostels. It takes up a bunch of room in a backpack though – depending on packing. I didn’t get one to try it though, so this is not an endorsement. By DRIINN – driinn.com, New York. It comes in several colors.

Ended 3 months in El Salvador

I arrived in El Salvador — specifically San Salvador — on July 4th, with a plan to spend one week and two weekends there. By mid-week I had decided to stay another week. Then another… I didn’t leave until my already-extended CA4 visa was ending so I had to leave. I LOVED Cumbres de Volcan, the hostel in Escalon that my CouchSurfing friend had heard about. It easily became home.  It was easy to stay. The neighborhood I was in. It was perfectly safe to walk around in. To walk to beautiful supermarkets and malls, to go out to nice places, to walk all the way downtown… All fear of San Salvador was easily questioned by my Tica bus seat-mate as we arrived in the city. My fears somewhat melted away the first days but I remained diligent. No city is perfectly safe, but as with all cities, if you […]