Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Oh language…

As I have traveled I have often been asked to clarify American phrases or define words. Conversely, I was taken aback when a woman told me of a relationship with a man and said “he molested me.” I had to check that out, had to get used to people saying things like that and mothers telling children to stop molesting each other.  These people are using the word perfectly as it means: “pester or harass (someone), typically in an aggressive or persistent manner” but because Americans use the word to mean “assault or abuse” we have dropped that everyday use of the word and molest carries strong connotations. So anyway, today I was looking up annoyed, angry, and mad to see how I can explain them to someone and I was struck by the cyclical definitions.  Per the New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd edition, 2005 by Oxford University Press, Inc. annoy |əˈnoi| verb [ trans. ] (often be annoyed) irritate […]

Feeling secure with Zagg skin & InvisibleSHIELD

On August 13, after months of lamenting my cracked screen iPhone, I posted  12 Reasons I wish I had invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone. As August ended, a Salvadorian friend visited the states and brought me:  invisibleSHIELD – a clear coating for my iPhone’s screen  ZaggSkin– a nicely designed coating for my iPhone’s body invisibleSHIELD – a clear coating for my iPad’s screen The invisibleSHIELD is a “scratch-proof patented film delivers military grade invisibleSHIELD protection.” I love that it is on my screen now. When this stuff first came out I watched devices get tossed around in plastic bags full of keys and nails and come out without a scratch. I am secure now in knowing that I can put my phone into a pocket or pouch along with stuff and that it will be OK. (Of course, allowing a key or coin land inside a devices connection port is not good.) I also […]