Daily Archives: September 4, 2012

A traveler’s language challenges

Tonight’s plan was for me and two friends to hear a woman from Argentina perform at the bar in the Crowne Plaza two short blocks from where I am staying. I’d walked over there this afternoon to learn the times and even find out that her performance coincided with the last half hour of happy hour so we’d enjoy two-for-one draft beer in the warm evening’s air. I was happy that I’d gone over there and inquired in Spanish, gotten the information, and relayed it to my two local friends. However, we arrived to find she is not performing tonight. One of my friends’ response to me: “So your Spanish is not so good.” (Not meant in a bad way.) Really, I didn’t understand what I’d done wrong. I am certainly not fluent in Spanish. I lack many, many words. But I knew how to ask about a female singer […]

Considering Ubuntu & a netbook for travel

Here’s something different in my life… I have actually just called ASUS computers for advice on their models. I am actually considering traveling with a non-Apple netbook. I know this will be a shock to many. It is to me. I won’t be running Windows though. I’d be using Ubuntu, open source, and running the apps of creative open source programmers. I would be exploring this as a lower cost option to provide true computing power and more flexibility than the iPad or an Android-based tablet provides. Not having my Apple and my Adobe software will be hard, but this is a growing exercise, in part for Computer Talk Radio. [facebook page] I have been looking into photo and web design apps in this arena. This will be difficult for me, but apparently this trip was meant to be a wild tech growth experience for me. Unfortunately, ASUS did not […]

Fabulous Fillet at Ruth’s Chris San Salvador

Tonight  my two friends and I weren’t terribly hungry but we wanted a good meal. My friend Frida hadn’t had the opportunity to try the newly-opened Ruth’s Chris San Salvador yet, so it was time. She welcomed me into her life so warmly and has done so much for me that I wanted to take her out before I have to move on (whenever that turns out to be). It’s late but the meal was so good that I have to write about it while the tastes are fresh on my tastebuds and in my memory. A perfect steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris San Salvador None of us were very hungry so it’s great that Ruth’s Chris gladly served French Style — cutting our thick, juicy, perfectly seasoned, sizzling steak by our table, serving a piece to each of us on our own very hot plate. There are several cuts of steak […]