Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

First great shirt down – not yet!

Weeks ago I lament the loss of use of the beautiful turquoise shirt I bought in Kohl’s with Marjie and Naomi in New York. I loved the color. I loved that it was thin so it dried quickly, it was bright, fun, friendly looking, and easy to wear. It was my best, most comfortable shirt. I wondered if I could convince people the stain going down half my breast is the shirt’s design. In Sandy Bay I used my bath soap, Zest with aloe, in the bathroom sink and didn’t do a thing. I looked up from my writing, saw it hanging over an empty bunk in this dorm, and was saddened by the stain that is so blatant. There is lots of bleach around the homes on Roatan…. Maybe soon, I thought to myself, you will see me wearing a thin, white or pale blue v-neck shirt that looks […]

Rainy season phone protection

While I was in NYC attending PhotoPlus, I took interest in and picked up these SmartSleeves — various-sized sleeves to protect iPhones and other cell phones from the rain. Rain protection is not an issue in Los Angeles but it was in New York and particularly in NYC where everyone walks a lot. AND protecting a smart phone from the rain is also an issue in Central America when you are here in the rainy season! I like these bags because they allow you to use your touch screen perfectly well, I can easily slip my phone in and out — and they don’t take up room in my hand bag or travel bag.