Daily Archives: May 17, 2012

Polly Creek — a must-do boat ride in Roatan!

Delia took me, Moorie and Sharia on a boat tour to show me some more of Roatan’s magic. We drove past Jonesville. I have passed the sign for the road down to Jonesville several times from the main road, but not known it from the ocean. Then we passed Bluerock. Then I learned the reason for this trip — Polly Creek (Pronounced Pole-y) — a long narrow waterway cut through the mangroves. I took video of it. On the way back we stopped at Lucy Point to sit, enjoy the view and have some snacks.

Another Roatan day

Thursday, May 17, 2012 A rainy day. I wanted to go to Delia’s mom’s house to visit some of the kids as this was to be my last day in this part of Roatan. Hopefully I would see Delia too. I needed to get some work done first. The internet signal wasn’t great. The hard rain seemed to block it, preventing me from communicating but at the same time it also prevented the dorries for, running so going up to socialize was nixed too. With perfect timing, one of Delia’s sisters stopped by and offered me a ride. I happily stepped out the front door and into the motorboat. Another woman was on board — a very nice American woman We talked as we rode. En route we stopped at a waterfront home. Our hostess/driver got out and returned with a clear bottle of liquid and a plastic funnel. Gasoline […]