Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Saving the Conch In Honduras

Today I helped save the Conch again. The last couple of days here at Mango Creek Lodge, I have noticed Patrice pick up Conch and place them into deeper water. She’d explained that they like to climb up the shore to eat the sweet grass that grows there, but then on some hot days the tide goes out leaving them stranded. Patrice and Terry have created a safe zone for Conch because they’re being over fished. So I have taken to doing this when Patrice is focused on taking guests out snorkeling or such. Actually, last week I snorkeled for Conch too, carrying a mesh bag in which we collected the Conch and carried (swam) them into our safe area so they have a chance to live, grow, lay eggs, and help their population thrive. I must comfiest though, Conch were actually deeper than I like to go so Terry, […]