Daily Archives: April 27, 2012

Calabash Cove Day 1, The Sailboat

Today we finally moved out of the harbor to which I arrived. We are on our way to Panama. Well, not quite…. Turns out no one bothered to tell me that we were stopping at another location a few miles, if that, away. We are in Calabash Cove. But we didn’t raise a sail to get here, so still no sailing. Not that I mind seeing more of Roatan. I just wonder why I cannot get any straight answer about plans. “We’re cruisers. We have no plan.” That is what I am told by the skipper/owner. Except that the post inviting people did have a plan.

Toothpaste you can travel with

EVERYTHING you pack matters when you’re packing to travel.

One of the hardest things to find in the US as I packed to travel was a tube of toothpaste. Sadly, flip tops have become the marketing rage, and they do not close well. Whether on the light weight, minimal space-using tube or on the horrid plastic-wasting heavy thick-sided toothpaste containers, those flip lids are far too likely to open as you travel.

The best toothpaste cap for any travel is the good old screw top that you fully remove in order to get to your toothpaste. But finding this is not always easy.

I can actually recommend brands for the USA and for Central America.