Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

Second week on The Sailboat

We remain anchored out here off Roatan having gone nowhere. So much for the promise of moving on in a few days. It is pretty here but I am not getting to meet local residents of Roatan and not learning Roatan culture. I was promised plenty of sailing but we have yet to raise a sail. I rushed here, passing by places and sights I very much wanted to see. I hope it was worth doing so but am now doubtful.

Dropbox for safe file keeping

As a traveler, both backpacker and cruiser, I love Dropbox. It allows me, and anyone, to create a file, whether photo, movie (up to 180mb), note, or other document, to sync to you Dropbox folder on the Internet for safe keeping. That way you can access it from your tablet, smartphone, laptop and/or desktop. If your device is lost, stolen, or damaged you will be very happy you didn’t rely on keeping your info only on that device! There are versions of the app for various devices and for computers as well as the web interface. Each works a bit differently and as I write this you must work with the website and the mobile apps in tandem to achieve things. They are working on the apps and welcome feedback. They are also great about helping us. I may post a few tips or findings about the iPad or iPhone […]