Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

First dinner in Mexico

My host Marion and Osman picked me up at the bus station in Cancun. It wasn’t as straight forward as that because without a cell phone I was unable to communicate with them. But a few nice people and a calling card later, they found me. It was not an easy start for their hosting experience. I had expected to have all day to get to them but because Delta brought me in 5 or more hours late, that changed. Anyway, they brought me to a fabulous park for a dinner of Empanadas and Horchata. More later.

LA to Cancun, Mexico

Delta’s 11:45pm flight out of LA on Sunday, March 4, 2012 with a flight to Detroit. Then, after a 2+ hour layover, I boarded their next plane to Cancun. ETA noon on Monday Mach 5, 2012. My arrival in Cancun was delayed by some airplane trouble, and their refusal to let us switch to other already-outgoing plans. (I’m sure happy that Delta didn’t fly a questionable plane but they could have done much better for us.) After several lost hours, they gave us a new plane. I arrived Monday night after dark, after 23 hours of airports/planes. I’d planned to have hours to find my way into Cancun, introduce myself to Cancun and find my way to the home of  CouchSurfing hosts. However, that plan went out the window with Delta’s delay and darkness entering that window’s field of view. Instead, at the Airport I enlisted the help of one of […]