Free Trolley in Ventura, CA

People come up to Ventura to enjoy the harbor, the amazing Channel Islands, and the fresh breeze — and now the Ventura Trolley will make travel within the area a breeze. Ventura, California is about to become easier for travelers to visit this summer thanks to a FREE trolley system to take you between Ventura’s Downtown and Harbor Village. After living in Los Angeles for many years, I finally got up to the Southern-ish California coastal village of Ventura. I was there to kayak around the Channel Islands and their pristine beauty took my breath away and reinvigorated me at the same time. But while there, I also got to know downtown Ventura — and as I walked around I was sorry I had missed this lovely town for so many years. (I also learned Ventura has two great golf courses and that one is a true Links course. Soon […]

Auburn California’s Old Town, Gold Rush history

This week my travels have been to Northern California’s foothills. I am in Auburn, a town that started when gold was found nearby on May 16, 1848 by Claude Chana. Auburn was a typical town of the period — built quickly, mostly of wood, with false fronts. I commented that we didn’t have such town looks in NY. My local friend Carolyn explained that people had a short period in which to build and do business until the gold ran out. Here are a few photos of Old Town Auburn.