Welcome to my tales of travel and tech.

I started this site because so many people asked me to share my travels with them. But it wasn’t people in their 20s asking me. Nope, not the typical people you’d think of as long term travelers. It was mostly women 45 and up that were asking me!  (How could I give up having a home, give away my belongings, pack a backpack, get on a plane and go to other countries with no plans!? And being over 50 wasn’t I worried that I was too old to do that?)

Traveler Deborah Shadovitz and her backpack during her travel on Roatan in Honduras

Me and my backpack as I leave a hostel on Roatan, Honduras.

So many women told me their children were grown, they were widows or divorced, they would soon have the freedom and time to travel…. They were intrigued that I was going out and doing it. They wanted to hear about where I went, what I did, and how I pulled it off. So this site is for them, and for you if you’re in those shoes. May it inspire you.

As I traveled, people of all ages — both men and women — started asking me for help packing and for travel tips so you’ll find some of that here as well. May something here help you.

“Wow, girl, you sure get around. You are amazing: I love how you have made a good life for yourself as an independent woman of limited means.”   ~Elaine

And to my friends who simply want to know where I am, you know this site has always been for you. May it help us keep in touch.  (BTW: I’ve been on travel hiatus for a year, enjoying family. I’ll be on the road again this autumn.)

Whether you’re over 40, in your 50s, or 60 or 70, if you’ve wanted to travel the world but feel you don’t even come close to having the resources to do so, maybe you actually can. What if…  you changed your perception of travel from vacation to experience — and found you really could pull it off?

Wondering if you’re “too old” to travel because there won’t be so many independent travelers your age? What I found in my 50s is that because everyone brings their culture, viewpoint, and knowledge to a conversation, I never felt old or too old to be in the conversation. When 26, my daily travel friends were all ages, too. Don’t let your age, whatever your age, stop you from traveling independently. Deb's logo

Part of my own method was to stop renting an apartment. It costs less to rent a dorm bed or room almost any place in the world than it did for me to rent my LA apartment any given night! I turned my rent money into travel money. I don’t have rental income but I continue to do my regular job from wherever I am. If I you have a home you can rent it out and that rent would be my travel money. Or you can house swap.

You don’t have to be wealthy or well-off! You can do it!

If my travels…

If my travels inspire you to come out into new places and experiences — great!

If my travels are good reading and bring you into my life to share it and learn from it — fab.

If you cannot travel physically, traveling vicariously is the next best thing, so I hope I do a good job of making people’s lives real for you.

BTW, I have also started teaching travel and am working that out.

~ Deborah, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

PS: If you’d like some more inspiration, here is some from Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Suess!