Monthly Archives: October 2013

A video by some backpackers

Need some more inspiration to travel? On August 6, 2011 my friend Lorrie sent me this link to a video by three traveler’s video called Move, saying, “I can see you doing this.” The travel, she knew I’d done and would do again. The video… well, I may have done something cool in video but as we know, my cameras were stolen at the start of my trip. Plus, traveling solo makes it harder to have video. I took plenty — for others, though. The travel. Nope, not me. The hit 11 countries (38 thousand miles) in 44 days, taking 18 flights. In my opinion, 44 days isn’t enough time for one country. Maybe for two very small ones…   Anyway, enjoy Move! It is well done.

Sandals or shoes good for travel

I am always on the lookout for sandals/shoes that I might choose to take on a year-long trip.  I intend to add to this post as I find shoes that I’d consider for travel. Here’s my shoe wish list: Good for walking long distances Light weight Packs into the smallest possible space Looks good with a skirt or dress, but not dorky with shorts or trousers (likely not factor for men’s shoe choices) Looks good with shorts or trousers, but not stupid with a skirt or dress (likely not factor for men’s shoe choices) Can stand up to rain or water Can be washed when they get muddy Have traction

Tweakker app for international Android setup

If you’re traveling with an unlocked Android cell phone, you’ll need to know how to set your phone up to work with the local phone services. Word on the street is that the easiest way to do so, is to use a free app called  Tweakker. I have not used Tweakker myself but here is the link to it at the Google play store, along with the start of the description the developer lists there. App name: Tweakker APN INTERNET MMS App location:  App description lead: Worldwide Internet and MMS APN settings – Now with ICS support – Tweakker is the best APN manager tool that helps you set up your APN settings – Access Point Name – for Internet and MMS connection.

Tetanus & Travel

Tetanus is not necessarily a required vaccine, but I personally think it can be a wise decision to get one. I did, for Central America. Here’s an article that may help you decide for yourself. How Dangerous Is Tetanus Really? 10 FAQs by James Hubbard, MD, MPH — The Survival Doctor. This article about Tetanus and the debate about getting a Tetanus shot — and many more that may be of help to you are on his website, The Survival Doctor. His survival-medicine website, as he says: “provides general information, not individual advice. Most scenarios assume the victim cannot get expert medical help.”