Daily Archives: Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Save water-damaged electronics as you travel

As the near-frozen rain comes down in the strong stormy blowing air here in Tzfat, Israel, I am reminded to share an important tip about keeping your electronics dry. I never told you about a moisture episode I had back in Croatia. It rained the day I arrived in Croatia and parts of many days to follow. Happily on that first wet evening I’d met these two nice guys who had rented a car, and let me join them so I got to enjoy a warn, dry car, good company, and the flexibility of seeing much more than trains and busses permit. Anyway… An oddly acting Android As we enjoyed the drive to Plitvice National Park, my travel companion was not enjoying trying to navigate. His Android tablet was acting oddly. As my go-to dry-out solution, my Bheestie (bee stee) Bag, is just iPhone-sized, I created the next best solution for him. I placed some of the packets of silica gel I’m in the habit of […]