Pack Vicks VapoRub or Tiger Balm 1

Either Vicks VapoRub or Tiger Balm should be in your bag as you travel, especially when you travel long-term. Either will likely turn out to be one of the best values for its weight and size.

Both of these similar ointments are helpful for a wide range of medical conditions.

Both are available in my counties.

Natural help for burns — raw egg membrane! 2

We all know the feeling: the pain of the burn, then the blister. Then the pain as the blister pops and the new raw skin is exposed before it’s ready. And the possible pain and infection if the new skin becomes irritated, opens or becomes infected.

What if you didn’t have to go through that pain again?

And the solution is simply a discarded part of a raw egg!

Tetanus & Travel

Tetanus is not necessarily a required vaccine, but I personally think it can be a wise decision to get one. I did, for Central America. Here’s an article that may help you decide for yourself. How Dangerous Is Tetanus Really? 10 FAQs by James Hubbard, MD, MPH — The Survival Doctor. This article about Tetanus and the debate about getting a Tetanus shot — and many more that may be of help to you are on his website, The Survival Doctor. His survival-medicine website, as he says: “provides general information, not individual advice. Most scenarios assume the victim cannot get expert medical help.”

What to do for Diarrhea when traveling

In my travels I became friends with an RN (Registered Nurse) who shared some advice with me to help me stay well. I am sharing some of that advice — about what to do for diarrhea — here. However, you must know that I am not a medical professional, this advice does not replace a doctor’s advice, and if you take this advice you may not hold me responsible for the outcome. If, as you are traveling, you develop diarrhea, but do not have blood involved: For the first day just take Pepto Bismal. If it helps keep taking it. On the second day if it is slowing down, just keep taking the Pepto Bismal. On the third day if still getting better, keep taking the Pepto Bismal. If you are not getting better by now and are not allergic to antibiotics, take Ciprofloxin 500mg 2x a day for 3 […]