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My friend Sarah Conner, only in LA

Some years ago, on what I now call my Three-year Trip, I was in Ko Samui,  Thailand planning to go out for the afternoon on motorcycles with some newly met friends. But, as a couple of the guys finished their meal under the wall-less thatched roof that was our accommodation’s restaurant, a VDO started. The guys were hooked. One of the girls and I went to get them as on the TV in front of them we watched something called a Terminator seek out Sarah Conner and kill her. It was the wrong Sarah Conner, so the VDO continued and we were hooked too, eventually needing to sit down. (So much for motorcycles that day.) Flash forward some years until I’m back from what I now call my Central America Trip and may someday call my One-year Trip. Rather than get an apartment in LA for my in-between travels time, I’m house-sitting. […]

Kayte Deioma’s Things to Do in Los Angeles

Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles, thinking of traveling to LA, or live in Los Angeles — if you’re looking for Things to Do in Los Angeles,  columnist Kayte Deioma’s guide to Los Angeles at can help. Kayte’s been collecting and publishing information about events in Los Angeles to guide locals and visitors alike for many years. She’s got post after post about what you can do in Los Angeles. Her LA event listings are well-written: easy to read, full of the necessary information, and complete with links.

Balearic Islands trip research via Twitter

I’m still in Los Angeles, a break between travels, as I write this. But I’ve been thinking about the places I’d like to head to next. A writer acquaintance living in Minorca, got me thinking about heading there, to the Balearic Islands of which Minorca’s a part. I don’t normally do much research into a place before I go. I like to discover as I go. But this time I’m using  more “social media” and see what kind of relationships I can form before I go anywhere. In this post, I shall share all good or interesting information that I find on Twitter. Why? Because I’m curious as to what can be found using Twitter as a research tool. Using TweetDeck as my Twitter client, I created several columns, each its own hashtag search. One is a search for #Mallorca as it’s the largest island in this group of islands. Mostly there […]