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Chinese food in San Salvador

Note October 21, 2020: This place may be out of business. The website is not working. But I’m keeping the link in case it returns or works again. My friends here like two Chinese restaurants in San Salvador, so I have been to both. This is a meal at 168 – Uno Seis Ocho, located right across from the World Trade Center, WTC and its plaza’s iconic Tower Futura. Each dish was $8.50. They will give you glasses of filtered bottled water upon request, or if you are into unnecessary plastic poisoning you can buy bottled water. I don’t believe bottled water is necessary in this fine restaurant. Oh! Pollo Frito Con Fresas – Strawberry Chicken! I love Orange Chicken and Lemon Chicken in the states, but this was my first time ever hearing of strawberry chicken. It is good! A new favorite. All of the food has been great […]

Batman movie at Gran Villa

I was invited by my local friend Frida to join her and a family seeing the new Batman movie at the Gran Villa, the nicest of the malls in San Salvador. In Los Angeles I would not have gone to see this film, but here there was no question of not going as I have not yet been to a movie in El Salvador. I loved this film. It started out with so much action that I was lost, and I was trying very hard to catch it all and remember it to tell Adrain as he was joining us. But after that first scene it got easier, and soon Adrian arrived. Good story, great mix of emotion and action and humor, great use of action. The theater was beautiful as well. It was very much like the one at The Grove in Los Angeles in every way. The only […]

The productivity loss is difficult

I just found myself writing this to a software developer who is releasing a game I am looking forward to having. “One up-side of having my Air stolen has been seeing how far I can use or push the iPad. Life is frustrating without a Mac. Even though I am loving being out in the world doing all sorts of amazing things, the productivity loss is difficult.” I am able to do a lot on the iPad but I sure wish it would provide the fabulous MacOS Finder! That, alone, would give me back much of my good old Mac Efficiency. Given the choice between a small Windows or Ubuntu netbook and an iPad I am not sure if which I would choose.

Vonage Mobile app

I don’t know why it took me so long to try this. Oh, right… I needed to receive a text message to verify my installation and the mobile phone company where I am now wasn’t letting me get silly things like calls or texts. Anyway, I have started using The Vonage mobile app and I loved calling my family (after I made some business calls).

My iPhone screen is replaced

On my first morning in Caye Caulker, Belize, trying not to wake a roommate, I pulled out my bag, which sent my hiking shoe to the ground a few feet below — with iPhone inside it. It was the one day the phone was out of its Gelz Silicone case, which gave it bounce and kept the screen from touching the ground when dropped — and the result was a sad looking screen one-quarter full of fractures. Over the next days I found a plastic protector and I kept the top peel-off plastic on too, adding tape to allow continued use and keep the fragments in place. But I pretty much stopped using this iPhone as it is my sole Internet connection. A few nights ago I showed it to the fantastic Danny Aisenberg, of Datek, a systems programming company. I had known Danny for exactly two minutes but he […]

First great shirt down – not yet!

Weeks ago I lament the loss of use of the beautiful turquoise shirt I bought in Kohl’s with Marjie and Naomi in New York. I loved the color. I loved that it was thin so it dried quickly, it was bright, fun, friendly looking, and easy to wear. It was my best, most comfortable shirt. I wondered if I could convince people the stain going down half my breast is the shirt’s design. In Sandy Bay I used my bath soap, Zest with aloe, in the bathroom sink and didn’t do a thing. I looked up from my writing, saw it hanging over an empty bunk in this dorm, and was saddened by the stain that is so blatant. There is lots of bleach around the homes on Roatan…. Maybe soon, I thought to myself, you will see me wearing a thin, white or pale blue v-neck shirt that looks […]

Rainy season phone protection

While I was in NYC attending PhotoPlus, I took interest in and picked up these SmartSleeves — various-sized sleeves to protect iPhones and other cell phones from the rain. Rain protection is not an issue in Los Angeles but it was in New York and particularly in NYC where everyone walks a lot. AND protecting a smart phone from the rain is also an issue in Central America when you are here in the rainy season! I like these bags because they allow you to use your touch screen perfectly well, I can easily slip my phone in and out — and they don’t take up room in my hand bag or travel bag.

Wish I’d packed sandals

Too late, I remembered clearly — when I’d traveled so much of the world for three years, I packed sandals and spent much of my waking time in them. I have been looking for a great sandal for a while now. This is not an easy quest for a size 9.5 (or larger) woman in Central America.

American Independence Day

I spent July 4th, the celebratory day marking my country’s independence, traveling from Guatemala City to San Salvador. I tweeted that it was odd to be in a place where the 4th of July was just another day. I also rejoiced a bit on that day, happy to be lucky enough to have been born into a country where I have the freedom to travel so easily. I knew that there had likely been a July 4th celebration in San Salvador, for Americans who are stationed or working here. However, I would miss it as the 4th was my travel day. But I didn’t miss all of the celebrations! The following Saturday, thanks to Malcolm, the owner of Hostal Cumbre de Volcan, a fabulous hostel in San Salvador… I was surrounded by American flags, eating a hamburger, enjoying Club Salvadoreño Corinto on Ilopango Lake, socializing with the American Ambassador, Mari […]

Tica Bus from Guatemala City

Leaving my great friends in the Guatemala City area was hard. They were amazing. But it was time to move on. A new friend awaited in San Salvador. Pedro and Tere dropped me off at the Tica Bus station on their way to work. I spent several hours in that bus terminal before my bus. However, Tica maintains its own terminals (each with its own hostel next door) so it is safe and comfortable. It was fun to see the people come and go, most on a great adventure or to see family. I felt comfortable and safe on this trip. The staff in Guatemala City was impressive. (Added note: I wasn’t impressed with my next Tica trip starting anew in Salvador and had problems due to lack of information that passengers starting in Guatemala City were given.) The Tica bus terminal in Guatemala City: My lunch in the Tica […]

Surprise party in Guatemala – for me!

I woke early and loved the sign that greeted me in the under-construction dining room. Later, as I sat quietly watching a DVD on Terre and Pedro’s TV, people came and went. Living in a home under construction where the owners are amazing people and hosts, I thought nothing of it.

First birthday wish from a friend

My friend Lorrie wrote today (2012): I know it’s not yet your birthday, but I don’t know when you’ll be checking in. Here’s hoping that you have a great day!   It was so nice to hear from a friend and to know that I am remembered. Out of sight is not always out of mind. Travel and you learn that well. Your true friends don’t forget you. (And don’t need facebook to remind them that it is your birthday.)