Don’t miss theater when you travel!

One of the nicest things you can do for yourself when you travel is to experience local theater. Whether it’s a small local theater group, a small traveling repertory group, a small drama theater, or a full-blown Broadway cast on tour — you can’t go wrong getting a taste of the local high culture. Theater downtown LA In my adopted home-town of Los Angeles, CA, I never miss an opportunity to see a show at the Center Theatre Group’s Ahmanson Theater or its smaller Mark Taper Forum, both at the Music Center downtown LA. Busses go right to it and trains get you very close. (They have a 3rd theater in Culver City that’s also accessible by bus.) A show there is the perfect way to top off a day of walking around downtown. I’ve sat almost all over both of these theaters and I don’t think there’s a bad seat in either […]

Rethink your hair brush for travel? Maybe!

This post is likely just for the women out there. My question to you: how large is your hair brush? Here’s my favorite brush. I actually have a larger one that used to be my favorite, but I started using this one to get used to a smaller, more travel-fitting brush. I won’t lie; It was difficult. A smaller diameter or surface area totally changes how you style your hair, In fact, to an extent it changes your hair style. But as I practiced and experimented, I got used to it and found ways to get the same results as the larger brush. So, did I take this brush when I went away for a year and a half? Actually, no. I took a much thinner one. I found one that had plastic bristles that wouldn’t ruin my clothing and that took up much less space. (Yes, every centimeter really does matter.) But I […]

Protect yourself from phishing & email cons

As you travel, you’re going to be relying on email and online services more than ever.  So you need to be more careful than ever.  When you’re home on your home computer, you might be careful about checking for fraud. BUT…it’s harder when you’re on a new computer, new computer system, etc each day, so be sure to put this into practice: You’re going to get emails that say: log into your bank account to verify your info log into your bank account to because someone tried to log in as you click this link because we’ve been trying to reach you etc And now that you’re traveling, these things seem more viable. Maybe you did leave your password in a browser somewhere? Maybe you did get seen entering info?  You can’t afford to just ignore those questionable emails. So what should you do?

Light-weight pazazz for women’s travel wardrobes

It can be a challenge to pack light while also being ready for the nicer events that come your way as you travel. Sometimes some extra sparkle can help. Strapletz Jeweled Bra Straps offer a nice extra sparkle for woman who can wear a strapless bra, or a convertible bra which has removable straps. The Strapletz have open hooks on each end, and those open hooks need to slide into a fabric loop on the front and back of your bra. If you select a Strapletz Jeweled Bra Strap for yourself as part of your travel wardrobe, remember to choose a design that’s lightest weight and won’t snag your top or dress as you wear it. Stay away from the straps that have Rhinestones or other set “jewels.” Go for the lighter-weight but still snazzy looking plastic-only straps. Having seen the entire line in person, I recommend GOLDEN GIRL- Gold Beaded […]

Website editing via CodeAnywhere

While I was in Central America, although lacking my Macintosh, I still needed to keep my clients websites up to date. My solution was a actually another website — CodeAnywhere.net. Today I have a new client for whom I am editing a website. I am “home” now, and have a MacBook Pro at my disposal. It’s running Dreamweaver CS6 — a perfectly capable program that I know extremely well. I enjoy using Dreamweaver.* But rather than launch Dreamweaver to edit my client’s site today, I turned to my web browser and headed to CodeAnywhere.net — an amazing, highly convenient,  HTML/PHP editor that’s ONLINE. Because CodeAnywhere.net is online, you don’t need to have your own computer or application. You can log in from any computer. In fact, you don’t even need a computer. It works on iPad or iPhone. Truth is, I did much of my clients’ work in 2012 on an iPhone […]