Daily Archives: Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eye glass repair in San Salvador & Panamá City!

At home in the USA, I have always been impressed that one eye glass shop will unbend our bent frame, adjust the fit, or even replace missing nose pad – when the glasses are from another shop. Now I have been extremely pleasantly surprised three times when my NYC-bought frames have been fitted and repaired like this, gratis, in both San Salvador and Panamá City. Twice, the lens of my semi-rimless frames has fallen out. This is not something I can pop back in. That is, I can fit it back into place but the plastic string that holds the lens in place no longer does its job and the lens will fall out again. So each time, with just a few words and a fast look at the situation, the plastic band has been fully replaced. Since someone is bound to ask, no, I don’t recall whether it is […]